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WellStats understands that in the world of Human and Health Services it is always a juggling act between massive budget cuts, increased regulations, and providing the most vulnerable populations with exceptional care.

WellStats delivers innovative and commonsense technology solutions specifically for social services agencies.  The WellStats application allows agencies to manage staff, manage data, integrated service delivery and enhanced reporting to help achieve agency objectives quickly and effectively.

The WellStats approach is rooted in our modulated system to creatively meet the varying needs of agencies of all sizes and service populations.



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Technology to Support the Compassionate

WellStats is focused on helping agencies who serve vulnerable populations to increase their efficiency and effectiveness through the automation of data collection and analytics. Our mission is to merge the world of data with Social Determinants of Health on a person-centered level to expand access, inform choice, reduce waste and create meaningful change.

With industry professionals and acute knowledge in Quality Improvement our approach incorporates a holistic implementation process which takes into account enhanced business process to optimize implementation at any level or program.  We make partnering with us easy.  WellStats is here to help you shape your own future!

Disability Services

Child and Family Services

Home Care Services and Solutions



Network Candidate

  • Efficiently Manage Internal Program Referrals and Intake Process

  • Electronically Accept and Route External Referrals

  • Increase Access to Services for Individuals

  • Integrate Access to Community Programs and Services

  • Generate Agency Revenue

  • Modular System that Integrates with Established Work Processes

Dynamic Billing Solutions

  • Seamless Electronic Integration

  • Internal Revenue Generating Referral System

  • Exisiting HER/MHR E-Systems

  • Enrollment Management Services

  • Connect to 3,000 Payers

  • EDI Connectivity for Claims and Eligibility

  • Dynamic Automatic Edits on Common Carrier Rejections

  • Customized Work Queues for Efficient Error Management

Live Direct Care Documentation

  • Track Using Our Mobile App

  • Compatible with Android/IOS Devices

  • Communicate Effectively to a Dispersed Workforce

  • Instant Client Service Updates

  • Changes to Front Line Workers

  • Dynamic Cloud Base System

  • Database Management System

Cloud Base Management Platform

  • Manage All of Your Services Through Our Integrated Cloud Platform.

  • Customazible and User Friendly Interface

  • Robust Reporting, Tracking, and Measurement Systems

  • Predictive Analysis Targeting Key Measurements and Outcomes

  • Integrate Seamlessly with Your Current Agency Systems

The WellStats Advantage

  • Multi-level Implementation Plans to Fit the Dynamics and Culture of the Agency

  • Dedicated Project Management Team and Support Staff

  • Committed to Partner Agency for Long Term Change and Growth

  • Stay Ahead of the Game Through Evolutionary Technology Platform that Updates With Regulation Changes


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